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Unity Hospital
This project was a complete renovation of Unity’s entire campus. This was done while the facility was fully operational. CSI’s portion of the project included voice and data cabling, copper and fiber distribution and nine (9) new equipment rooms. In separate contracts, CSI also completed nurse call, security, CCTV and paging cabling as well. Many existing systems had to be kept operational during the renovations.

All of the contractors on this project were tasked with working alongside hospital patients and staff with a minimum of disruption. We worked closely with all parties to complete the project on all timelines, and we did our best to accommodate any changes of the multiple parties involved.

All facets of this project were completed on time and on budget by CSI. The success of this project was accomplished by our close interfacing/contact with the customer, architects, general contractors and the multiple vendors that we subcontracted for.

Syracuse University
Carnegie Hall at Syracuse University was a unique job in that the structure is historic, and we had to be sensitive not to destroy any of that character. SU standards require all cabling to be in conduit or wire raceway. The conduit cable paths were installed by CRI Electric of Syracuse, and, as part of Cable Systems’ contract, we were charged with managing CRI’s portion of this project. Cable Systems completed existing cable and cable pathway removal as well as any restoration work required after removal was completed.